We started the development under project concept of “Challenge to extreme thinness” and I.Dφ1.6, world’s thinnest, named 「Micro Mini Flex ™」was realized. This flexible hose, whose ID is half of 「3A Super Mini Flex」(I.Dφ3.3), has possibilities to bring innovation of precision instrument and medical instrument.


Material Hose : SUS316L
Tube end : SUS316L
Working pressure See the tables
Allowable leak rate 1.33×10-10Pa・m3/sec or less


Nominaldiameter(A) Jointstandard Model No. I.D. O.D. D d l L Workingpressure(MPa) Min. bending radius(mm)
Constant bending Repeated bending
1.6 1/8" ORV-1.6PS-cm 1.6 2.7 3.18 1.6 15 100~2000 Vacuum~3.0 6 45
*Specify the length in the model number in cm. Example : ORV-1.6PS-20 *Fitting standard: 1/16 ”(φ1.59), Joints having other shapes can be fabricated.