Osaka Rasenkan Kogyo Co.,Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as “We”) hereby establishes the following stipulations pertaining to private information protection, constructs a system of it, tries to keep every employee informed about the importance of private information protection and action, then promotes it.

Control of private information

We keep private information of customers accurate and up to date and in order to prevent it from being accessed illegally, lost, destroyed, falsified, divulged to third parties etc., we implement necessary measures, such as maintenance of security system and in-depth employee training, take a safety measure and strictly control private information.

Intended purpose for private information

Provided private information shall be used to send E-mail and materials, as our contact, our announcement about operation and our reply to questions.

Prohibition of disclosure and provision of private information to third parties

We properly control private information that customers provide and except the following cases, we shall not disclose private information to third parties.

  • In the case of agreement with customers
  • In the case of disclosing to our subcontractors, to meet required service by customers
  • In the case of disclosure being legally mandated

Safety measure to private information

We take full preparation for security to secure accuracy and safety of private information.

Reference by parties in question

When customers request reference, modification and deletion of their own private information, after we verify identity, we deal with it.

Compliance and re-examination of laws and norms

We shall respect Japanese laws and other norms that are applicable to private information we own. In addition, we arbitrarily re-examine this policy and strive for its’ improvement.

Inquiry for private information

Regarding inquiries for our handling of private information, please contact the following.

Osaka Rasenkan Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
3-12-33 Himesato, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan 555-0025
TEL: +81 6 6473 6151+81 6 6473 6151 FAX: +81 6 6473 6150